Bulgarian Rose Floral Water

Bulgarian Rose Damascena Water

what is Bulgarian Rose Damascena Water

As a producer of Bulgarian Rose oil, Rosabul also supplies Rose Damascena flower water. The product is produced using the water-steam distillation process of fresh blossom from the plant Rosa damascena P. Miller. Bulgarian rose water consists of distilled water and rose essential oil. It is widely used in cosmetics due to its multiple benefits to the skin and anti-age effects. Additionally, the typical flavor makes it a preferred flavoring agent in some food and beverages. The history of Bulgarian rose water dates back 300 years ago when it was a highly valued good and exported by merchants in France, Italy and other parts of Europe. Today, our rose water has maintained its unique qualities and reputation and continues to be sought after product

how is our Rose Damascena Water produced

Rosabul is producing rose water in its distillery located in the village of Chernozhemen, Bulgaria in the southern part of the Rose Valley. The large production capacity allows us to distill large quantities of the product whilst producing Bulgarian rose oil. To reach high-quality of the floral water, we use rose blossoms from our rose gardens. The gardens spread on an area of 140 hectares and are located 10 kilometers from the distillery. Thus reducing transportation time and ensuring the freshness of the Rose Damascena flowers. Additionally, we are able to control the use of fertilizers and pesticides which would reflect on the quality of the rose water.

how to purchase

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BOTANICAL NAME Rosa Damascena water
APPEARANCE Mobile liquid/td>
COLOUR Transparent
ODOUR Typical of Bulgarian rose
RELATIVE DENSITY, g/cm3 from 0,990 to 0,999
REFRACTIVE INDEX (20 °C) from 1,3330 to 1,3370
ESSENTIAL OIL CONTENT, % not less than 0,025
ETHANOL CONTENT not more than 4%