Bulgarian Rose Damascena Oil

Bulgarian Rose Damascena Oil

What is Bulgarian Rose oil

Bulgarian rose Damascena oil is the main product for our company. It is obtained from the plant Rosa damascena P. Miller. The rose otto is produced using the water-steam distillation process of fresh rose blossoms containing more than 300 elements. The main components are alcohols such as Citronellol, Geraniol, and Nerol as well as Beta-damascenone which forms the overall scent. The hydrocarbons in the rose oil serve as fixator of the scent making it long-lasting. The rose oil is produced in our distillery located in the village of Chernozhemen, Bulgaria in the southern part of the famous Rose Valley.

use of rose otto

Bulgaria has over 300 years of history in producing the finest Rose oil and we continue this legacy today. It is highly valued in fine fragrance and it plays a key role in many of the most exquisite perfumes. Bulgarian rose oil is also used in cosmetics for its multiple benefits and the ability to nourish the skin. Despite the cost of Rose oil, in recent years, it has increased it’s use in aromatherapy due to it’s sensual and uplifting mood affect. The production is a costly process, as all of the rose blossoms are hand-picked and it takes between 3000 – 3500 kilograms of fresh material for one kilogram of the precious Bulgarian rose oil.

What makes our Rose oil different

Our company is a Bulgarian rose oil producer since 1993. We have gained knowledge and experience throughout the years which allows us to produce the highest quality of essential oil. All of our products are 100% natural with no additives. Our customers vary from world-renowned fragrance houses to independent perfumers and they all have one thing in common – desire to get the highest quality of essential oils. To ensure this we are growing our own rose gardens of 140 hectares hence making it possible to control the process where it begins – on the fields.

our philosophy

Being the third generation in our family to produce Bulgarian rose oil, we strive to keep pushing the boundaries and maintain our trust and reputation. We believe in the future of Bulgarian rose oil which has become our national symbol. Therefore, we apply practices which have a social effect and one of them is against child labor being involved in the production of our rose oil. Additionally, during the rose-picking season, we provide coach buses for the field workers creating a safe work journey where every passenger has a seat. With the help and trust of our partners, we hope to develop these crucial good practices even strongly and manage to positively influence the production of Bulgarian rose oil.

How to buy

Below you will find our product list of essential oils and their specifications sheet. To make an inquiry or request more information please visit the contact us section.


COMMON NAME Rose Essential Oil
BOTANICAL NAME Rosa Damascena flower oil
APPEARANCE Mobile Liquid
METHOD OF EXTRACTION Water-steam distillation
ODOUR Typical of Bulgarian rose oil
RELATIVE INDEX DENSITY from 0,848 to 0,880
REFRACTIVE INDEX (25 °C) from 1,452 to 1,470
FREEZING POINT, °C from 16,0 to 23,0
ESTER VALUE, mg KOH/g from 7,0 to 24
CITRONELLOL from 20 to 34
NEROL from 5 to 12
GERANIOL from 15 to 25
PHENYL-ETHYL ALCOHOL not more than 3,5
NONADECANE from 8 to 15
HENEJCOSANE from 3 to 5,5
HEPTADECANE from 1 to 2,5